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The Worldly Motivation and Influence of A$AP Twelvyy & LYBB


A$AP Mob has been the source of global influence for urban fashion for the past decade. Urban trends have always dwelled in the realm of expensive brands, however A$AP Mob has been able to encourage the likes of both the young teenage and adult demographic. Even their peers that are other arising and present celebrities in fashion and music domains have looked to A$AP for new and upcoming trends.

The fine silk shirts and fabrics, gold teeth and chains, and eccentric accessories and street wear has been innovated, popularized, and monopolized by this Harlem based music group. A$AP Mob’s influence has been unwavering consistently since their career began. They are the founding fathers of urban fashion in this decade.

The “Last Year Being Broke” brand is a new progressive clothing company that has imprinted on the world from more than just a fashion standpoint, but serves an inspiring and motivational slogan. Last Year Being Broke or LYBB is to be worn as a constant reminder to cater to the ideology of perpetually cultivating one’s undying work ethic. It also adheres to the fact that the masses are always striving towards the acquisition of success. There are always great expectations and goals to be fulfilled no matter where individuals are in their own personal lives.

LYBB came into existence when a ferocious fire of passion erupted amongst three individuals devoted to succession and global outreach. The late Steven “Yam$” Rodriguez, an A$AP Mob producer, and A$AP Twelvvy took it upon themselves to implement their own philosophies into rousing and appealing others by capturing life’s realisms through a motivationally relative slogan.

A$AP Twelvvy or Jamel Phillips was a child of a hard working household determined to maintain a certain lifestyle. As a teenager, growing up in the city streets of New York City is not an easy tribulation. The hardships of the city project on the youth and can defeat the spirits young people and damper their creative potentials. LYBB is a brand to diminish that notion of disbelief that is subconsciously employed into the minds. LYBB was created for those who feel disheartened or deterred from their big ambitions.

The uplifting, upbeat creation of the song LYBB has definitely been supplemental to the progression of this brand. The concept of both the song and the fashion line is to invest and harvest one’s control and power over their own lives and their ability to create! The Last Year Being Broke eradicates the thought of one being alone in a struggle and unifies to push each other towards their own greatness. This timeless aphorism is a statement that is relative to the masses and is subject to continual evolution. After marketing and releasing the Flatbush Zombie 3001 pieces, all the merchandise was sold in in one day. Similarly, the collaboration with A$AP Twelvvy and A$AP Addie sold out of Marino Infantry merchandise in 24 hours. Bearing this in mind, LYBB sales were predicted and expected to be just as successful. On average 3 days, 300 items are sold thus all fruits of production are being bought. The evolution of LYBB has expounded from merely t-shirts to athletic wear and accessories. The demand for a more variant array of options via social network and e-mail is astounding especially because of its affordability. Consumers have shared heartfelt stories that have declared that this clothing line has had a tremendous impact on their lives’ success.

They give praise to the concept of LYBB’s realism and inspiration. The evolution beyond LYBB has been already put into action with First Year Being Rich or FYBR. This is to accommodate those who have reached their pinnacles of success and are enjoying flourishing in their wealth whether it be of the mind or of the pocket.

Ultimately LYBB is a brand that is glaringly unique and matchless. These are appropriate enough to be placed in community centers, educational realms, sports competitions, work environments, and motivational seminars to fuel the efforts of people all across the globe. This brand is not just the quintessence of financial enlightenment and spiritual guidance, but it is an entire lifestyle and mindset to impact the world in the most positive way possible.

The Last Year Being Broke was manifested and is derived from special circumstances of unity, loyalty, family, music, and love shared between the support of A$AP Rocky, Addie, and the rest of the A$AP family. With the spirit of Yam$ as the driving force and beacon for all of LYBB success, the passion for advancement will never cease.